Entry 12

-12/5/2019 6:45pm-

Apologies for the gap between entries there, I’ve been busy, busy, busy. First, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and organizing in Scrivener for my novel. I also found a fantasy map generator/customizer that let me create a map of the fantasy world it’s set in, which is pretty cool. Things have been moving along pretty smoothly and at a steady pace for it, which is exciting!

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Entry 10

-11/20/2019 11:22am-

This week has gone by super fast, so fast that I’m not getting enough done. It doesn’t help that I’ve seem to have lost all motivation. Mentally I’m checked out, and I’m not quite sure why. I could be a little depressed again, it would be reasonable with everything that’s happened and I tend to get seasonal depression in the winter as well. So, I struggle on, putting off the work I need to do and getting all those good procrastinator feelings.

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Entry 9

-11/16/2019 8:20am-

I came home yesterday. I had to deliver some paperwork to and sign a release for the concussion clinic. Of course, I wasn’t feeling up to driving back right away, so I stopped at home. I ate something, took something for the killer headache, and ended up taking a 3 hour nap, which I had not intended on being so long.

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Entry 6

The Long Hiatus

—01/24/2019 1:57pm—

It’s been a long time. How have you been? I’ve been real busy, too busy to write even, or at least too depressed or exhausted to do so when I wasn’t too busy. And then so much time passed of not writing that it just got more and more difficult to do it. So, here’s an extra long post to get caught up, then I should have the time to make more regular posts again.

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Entry 2


Today I set an alarm for 5am, with the tone being “You Don’t Know Me” by Jax Jones. Leaving my iPhone and Watch across the room worked surprisingly well in forcing me to get up, with a little extra “motivation” from my roommate. Having realized I hadn’t eaten an actual meal yesterday, I sat down with a bowl of cereal. Shower, Minecraft, then made my way to one of the dining courts for a more substantial breakfast (which I had to force myself to eat).

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Entry 1


Another day, another struggle to get out of bed. I started like any other day lately, wondering if I can manage to shake myself out of depression, at least a little bit. But as I reflect on a morning spent half-heartedly playing Minecraft instead of doing any of the dozen or so things I’m supposed to be doing, I think not today.

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First Post – The Beginning

I’ve been recommended to blogging about my life as a form of therapy and stress relief. So, here it goes.

My Backstory – Part 1?

My name is Tim. I’m currently a full-time college student at [REDACTED] University, as well as a full-time employee at [REDACTED], a retail store where I mainly work in the photo department. I’m 28 years old at the time of writing this, with my 29th birthday coming up in January. I’m gay and single, with an unrequited love. I’m from [REDACTED], a smallish town in Northwest Indiana, not far from Chicago.

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