Entry 12

-12/5/2019 6:45pm-

Apologies for the gap between entries there, I’ve been busy, busy, busy. First, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and organizing in Scrivener for my novel. I also found a fantasy map generator/customizer that let me create a map of the fantasy world it’s set in, which is pretty cool. Things have been moving along pretty smoothly and at a steady pace for it, which is exciting!

Second, poor Stonehearth is still down, but thanks to the Steam Autumn Sale, I grabbed another to fill the void. It’s called The Colonists. You play as a group of AI powered robots that were designed to simulate human civilization. However, they wanted to live free and so stole a spaceship to find a planet to build a civilization of their own. It’s a real-time strategy game, you build up your settlement, manage supply lines and production chains, and there’s also a combat aspect to it where you fight another robot faction for control of resources. It’s been pretty addicting, so I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a chill RTS to play.

Third, school is a shit show. I’m trying to finish up the work for my Child Psychology class so that incomplete can be turned into an actual grade. Though, I only have till the end, probably more like the middle, of next week to finish. I’m pretty sure if I push myself I can get it done though. The other three course I have incompletes in I’m not going to be able to finish. So, I reworked my schedule for the Spring 2020 semester to retake those courses. I’m not happy about it, but it is what it is.

Fourth, work is just frustrating and stressful. I somehow managed to forget a number of things in the near 2 months I was out, probably thanks to repression, but some members of the general public were quick to remind me how big of a rude, ignorant, stupid, asshole they can be. Not all the general public, just those select few that we get at least a couple a day. Honestly, it’s enough to make me feel like everyone should have to work a year or two in a service position like retail or restaurant of some kind before being able to work in the field of their choice. It would, hopefully, change the way they think of treating people, having been there themselves at one point. But that’ll never happen, and how would one even regulate that anyway? To make it worse, about a quarter of the equipment in the photo lab is broken, we’re out of some supplies for popular items and aren’t getting them in when ordered, and there are people working in the photo department that aren’t trained, which usually leads to some kind of mess being made for the next person to deal with. Can’t wait for my vacation and to finally graduate so I can get a, hopefully, better, more enjoyable career.

So, that’s what’s been going on with me lately. Nothing super exciting or eventful, but that’s par for the course. Until next time!

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