Entry 7

—2/9/2019 6:57pm—

Well, so much for more regular posts. However, in my defense, things have been remarkably dull and uneventful. However, I have a couple things I can report on…

I’ve been working on purging, cleaning, and reorganizing my room in an effort to provide myself with a clean and distraction reduced work environment. Which, when it comes to school work, or any side projects for that matter, I’ve been procrastinating. I can’t seem to build up the motivation to get started on anything, or I have a sudden surge energy and determination and start working on something, just to be distracted by one of my many other projects I have partially completed.

One ongoing project is to get a firmer grip on my finances and try to start digging myself out of debt. For that, I have, once again, enlisted the help of YNAB (You Need A Budget). It’s a budget program/method that has worked for me in the past, but once I got ahead of the game I stopped using it thinking I could keep things up on my own. Apparently, I was very wrong. Not that I’m buried in debt (ignoring student loans) but I want to break the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle I’ve been living. I greatly encourage anyone looking to do the same to check it out!

Well, my lunch break is about up, so this’ll have to do for an update. Until next time!

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