Entry 3


Six in the goddamn morning on a Saturday and my roommate’s alarm goes off. Being the lazy fucker he is, he takes his time turning it off then goes back to bed. I, on the other had, am now wide awake. He won’t actually get up until well past noon. So, back into my game of Minecraft I dive.


Another lazy day, I played Minecraft most of it. Luckily I realized I needed to go eat at the last possible moment, as the dining court soon closed for lunch and I’d be at work long past the time they serve dinner. I felt very tired, so I tried to take a nap, but ten minutes later my roommate came back and that plan fell apart. More Minecraft, set up a realm trial to play with my friend Nicole, but then she was unable to play at the time so we would have to try for another time. Work has already been messaging me in our team app, and unfortunately it’s about time I go get ready for it. I’ll have to update later.


Work was crazy busy from the moment I stepped in the door. Retail at Holiday time, I didn’t expect anything besides chaos. My lunch break, which Im on at the time of writing this, consists of my usual snack: fruit punch Rockstar and popcorn.

Finals week is here. I have to start cramming for the one I have to take. My professor told me that if I work through the practice exam and understand it, he is confident that I can do well. I’m not so sure, given how much material I’ve missed, but I suppose we’ll find out Tuesday. Wednesday I need to meet with my data science professor, she wants to discuss my plan for making up the incomplete. And Monday I need to see my academic advisor. Can it be Thursday already?

That’s it for today, until next time!

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