First Post – The Beginning

I’ve been recommended to blogging about my life as a form of therapy and stress relief. So, here it goes.

My Backstory – Part 1?

My name is Tim. I’m currently a full-time college student at [REDACTED] University, as well as a full-time employee at [REDACTED], a retail store where I mainly work in the photo department. I’m 28 years old at the time of writing this, with my 29th birthday coming up in January. I’m gay and single, with an unrequited love. I’m from [REDACTED], a smallish town in Northwest Indiana, not far from Chicago.

For school, I’m a junior double majoring in computer science (specializing in Machine Learning) and data science, with a major in cognitive psychology. Yes, I’m 28 and just now getting to my bachelor’s degrees, not everyone has the opportunity to go to school right after high school. Well, I did, but health issues forced me into dropping out, and then it was difficult going back, so I got a job, meaning for it only to last the summer, but that didn’t turn out as planned either (been there 6.5 long years). I’m not 100% set on what I want to do after I graduate, I think I’ve ruled out grad school though, for now. I will most likely try to work for a tech company, hopefully a major one like Facebook or Google and the like. But right now I’m just trying to get through school. Did I mention I have learning disabilities? Even so, I’ve been doing pretty well, thanks to accommodations the school grants me. Well, mostly well, this semester has gotten kind of rocky the last month or so. Depression can be a real bitch. I’m hoping I can persuade my professors to grant me an incomplete for my classes, and allow me to make up the work I’ve missed over winter break. Here’s hoping.

For work, well it’s a job. I don’t take it overly seriously, unless the current situation warrants it. As such, I do pretty well. I try to look out for and make sure that my coworkers are taken care of and get what they need to get their job done and done well. My position is minor now, I used to be a department head for photo but the company retired that position some years ago. I know how to do my job well though, as well as how to do the managers’ job, and almost everyone else’s job too. Jack of all trades, my coworkers tend to come to me when there’s a problem, which I guess makes me Mr. Popular, sometimes to my dismay. When I’m at school, I work at another location not far from campus, which seems to have the same kind of people and atmosphere as my store back home, more or less. With the exception that it’s a smaller store, that can be a little slower to much slower than my store back home.

As far as interests go, I’m kind of a geek. I like reading sci-fi (currently working my way through the Culture series by Iain M. Banks), sci-fi and Marvel (Iron Man, FTW) movies, video games (mostly PC, but I do consoles sometimes too, need a Switch still though…), and music (EDM, the music you can feel, with a proper stereo system, anyway). I like collecting things, which currently involves Hot Wheels, Funko Pop! Figures, and Monopoly editions, among other things. I have a gaming PC that I custom built, as well as a MacBook Pro and Surface Pro 4 for work/play on-the-go. Oh, add me on Pokémon Go! (Trainer Code below) I was a die-hard Android fan, until one of my best friends, after 6 years of trying, convinced me to try Apple. It started with a MacBook Pro for school, then a couple years later I got the iPhone X. I’m not all “where have you been all my life” with it, but it is nice, and HTC was pissing me off with how they were executing their Android releases (like stripping out native Android features, wtf?). Currently I think I’m going to stick with Apple for the foreseeable future, as it is pretty convenient to have all my devices (did I mention I got the Watch too?) connected and sync’d seamlessly with minimal effort on my part.

Well, that’s enough about my backstory for now, I think. I may post more in the future, or I may just expand on it as required by my normal posts. Until next time!

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